As a non-political, independent nonprofit, The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem acts in a partnership with the Diocese of Jerusalem by helping to increase its capacity to teach and heal.


This site will provide you with the tools and resources to: organize or lead a pilgrimage, or join an existing pilgrimage. If you are seeking to join an existing pilgrimage, click here.


   If you're seeking to enroll in a course at St. George’s College in Jerusalem please contact the college.


Why a Pilgrimage?

This site focuses on “pilgrimages” to the Holy Land, specifically trips to Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. It is a resource for you to plan a meaningful pilgrimage. A pilgrimage can: connect you to the holy sites; give you the opportunity to meet other Christians whose families go back to the first century and are trying to live their faith in the Middle East; and allow you the unique opportunity to build relationships with Christians who live and worship in the Holy Land through the Episcopal Church.


Planning a Pilgrimage


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This site will help you if you are considering making a trip, have already decided to go on a pilgrimage and are in the planning process, or if you have already made a pilgrimage and are seeking to understand how to bring the experience home. Resources include:

  • Planning a Pilgrimage section. Sample itineraries, when to go, and related costs. This should be your first stop!

  • Organizing a pilgrimage, including contracting with a travel agent, and guides on the ground.

  • Episcopal ministries in the Holy Land. How to meet local Christians in their setting.

  • Practical Details. Suggestions on how to prepare your pilgrims both spiritually and practically for the Pilgrimage.

  • Staying Connected. Ways by which you can stay in touch with the people you have met there in the section.

  • Should you want to chat with somebody experienced in planning pilgrimages, we have some volunteers ready to help.